Hearing Protection

Hunting Ear Plugs


Grand Rapids ENT Hearing Center works with Westone in making custom-fit hearing protection earpieces which are comfortable and effective in providing appropriate noise reduction for various situations.  We offer a variety of hearing protection devices suitable for work, music, shooting, mowing grass, hunting, and using power tools.



Prevention of hearing damage from gunfire noise can be accomplished using ear plugs, ear muffs, or ear plugs with digital sound processing.  The relative amount of noise attenuation is described by a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), which is usually printed on the packaging that comes with ear protection.  The higher the NRR number, the greater the noise reduction and the better hearing protection it provides.  The best fit and efficacy comes from custom made earplugs, molded in silicone or rubber to exactly fit an individual's ear canal.

A more expensive and much more technologically advanced option is a "Defend Ear" product-line by Westone.  They have several different types of ear plugs that have active sound suppression through DSP (digital sound processing).  Premium models of Defend Ear can also provide some amplification to enhance the sounds of nature, but also instantly suppress noise of dangerous levels.

Make sure to ask one of our audiologists about the best hearing protection to meet your needs.