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Hearing Aids

If you are a candidate for hearing aids, our staff at Grand Rapids ENT Hearing Center will educate you more about your hearing loss and about various hearing solutions.  Our audiologists will provide you with their professional recommendation and help you choose the most appropriate style and technology of hearing aids to comfortably fit your hearing loss, budget, and lifestyle needs.  We offer the most up-to-date hearing aid technology and accessories and would love the opportunity to help you hear better.

Hearing Aid Products and Accessories by Manufacturer



Awareness through sound is one of the first personal experiences to diminish when a person loses their hearing. ReSound brings back the natural experience with their LiNX 3D, a powerful hearing aid that picks up speech and ambient sounds better than traditional devices. Custom options are available through device type, and also by downloading and using the ReSound Smart 3D app. As a bonus, misplaced hearing aids can be found by using the app to retrieve their location. 

Our ReSound Hearing Aids and Accessories

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With the Phonak Naida B and Sky B, both adults and children will gain impressive results in hearing quality. Compatible smartphones can download the app to unleash the true potential of the device. 

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Hearing Protection

  • The DefendEar series comes in a recreational set as Solid, Concert, Sleep, Hunter, Surfer, AquaNot and MotorSport. Key features of the water-based plugs are the ability to float on when submersed 
  • Digital-in-Ear Monitors are available for musicians and hunters. For musicians, it helps customize which sounds are heard in loud environments. For hunters, gunshots and other loud sounds are suppressed while normal environmental noise is enhanced
  • ICustom pieces attach to bud style earphones for an added layer of protection when listening to music or podcasts

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