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What Does an ENT Doctor Do?

Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor

ENT doctors, also known as ear, nose and throat doctors or otolaryngologists, are specialists that deal with problems in the ear, nose and throat.

It’s a medical specialty that focuses on the different conditions that occur in the ear, nose and throat region. It also extends to areas such as the next and head. If you feel like you have a stuffy nose, constant headaches or a sore throat, then it’s likely a condition that an ENT doctor can help with.

Ear conditions

ENT doctors deal with most ear conditions. This can include hearing impairments, ear infections, balance issues and tinnitus (a ringing sensation in the ear). They can also help you deal with any pain that you might feel in your ear. ENT specialists are also experts are helping you treat congenital disorders of the ear (problems that you’ve had since birth).

Nose conditions

ENT specialists can help treat problems that are related to the nose. This includes unblocking your sinuses with a number of different procedures or dealing with any issues that are affecting your sense of smell. ENT doctors can also help diagnose breathing-related issues and also help with the physical appearance of your nose as well.

Throat conditions

Any kind of disorder that affects your speech or your ability to eat is classed as a throat disorder or condition. ENT specialists will help you solve any kind of issue you have with your throat, be it a sore throat or an infection that is preventing you from eating correctly.

Head and neck

Because an ENT specialist’s area of exercise is mostly around the face, they’re also trained to deal with any kind of conditions or diseases that are related to the head and neck as a whole. ENT doctors are required to have a deep understanding of the entire head, meaning they’re capable of performing both cosmetic and medical procedures virtually anywhere on the head.

ENTs will typically specialize in one of these many fields. Although most ENT doctors can cover all four of these categories, they do tend to specialize in fields such as allergy, rhinology (specializing in the nose) or laryngology (throat, voice and swallowing). This means that, should you need to see an ENT specialist, it’s worth trying to find someone that has a deeper understanding of the part of your face or head that is experiencing problems.

Do I need to see an ENT?

People generally only visit an ENT when they’re experiencing issues such as balance problems, dizziness, a hearing impairment or potentially an ear infection. If there’s anything wrong with your ear, nose or throat, or if you feel like some of your senses are just a little off, then visiting an ENT specialist is a fantastic idea and will help you understand your body a little better.

If needed, your ENT doctor will suggest treatments that will range from therapy to surgery depending on the severity of the issue.