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How do ENTs Treat Headaches?

Headache Sufferer

Headaches are a common complaint reported by a significant percentage of the population at one time or another. Most headaches occur because people become dehydrated, but there are plenty of other causes too. Today, we’re going to look at some of the ways an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist might help you to deal with the problem and get some relief. Headache treatment is essential if the pain and discomfort are too much and they begin to affect your life.

Identifying the cause of the problem

There are many different reasons why a person might get headaches. However, if you choose to visit an ENT specialist, they are probably going to run some tests to determine the cause. In many situations, headaches occur due to sinus infections, so they may attempt to rule this out in the first place. You can also get headaches due to diseases of the throat and other parts of the body than come under the remit of the ear, nose and throat specialists. Wait patiently for the results from the assessment and you should come away with a better understanding of your condition.

Providing suitable medication

While there are many potential treatment options, many ENTs start by prescribing medication to help you deal with the headaches. That could mean you get some painkillers or antibiotics depending on your condition. It is vital that you listen carefully to the advice of your doctor and always take the medication as it is prescribed. Do not double-up on doses unless the expert tells you it is okay to do that and make sure you pay attention to the times of day when you’re supposed to take your tablets.

Recommending potential treatment options

If your sinuses are behind your headache problems, the ENT doctor might recommend balloon sinus surgery or something similar to offer relief. Septum surgery may also be a recommendation if it is the cause behind your headaches. It is essential you listen to the suggestions; however, there is no need to worry because ENT specialists will only recommend surgery if it is necessary.

So, the next time you get a persistent headache that refuses to go away; schedule an appointment with an ENT doctor. When it comes to choosing a reputable ENT, be sure to ask your primary care physician for or talk with family and friends to help you select the best person for the job.