Can an ENT Treat Headaches?

Headache Sufferer

When you’re suffering a lot of headaches, it can all be very frustrating. You want to get to the bottom of the problem and find a treatment that works for you. But can an ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctor treat your headaches for you? They certainly can in certain situations because headaches are caused by the areas treated by ENT doctors. Read on and find out more about how your ENT specialist can help with headache problems.

Sinusitis is a common cause of headaches

Your sinuses might not be the obvious sources of headaches, but that’s often where your problems start. If this is what’s causing your problems, and an ENT doctor is the person you should turn to. They’ll be able to help you learn more about your situation.

They work with all kinds of sinus troubles, so they’ll be able to help you treat your headaches if they are being caused by sinus issues. Of course, that’s not always the case but it is one potential cause. And there’s nothing wrong with at least ruling it out.

Tonsillitis and ear infections can also be treated by an ENT

There are two other problems that can be commonly linked to headaches in patients. The first is tonsillitis, which is a relatively common problem that can be treated easily. Your ENT professional can certainly help with the headaches associated with the condition.

The other problem that can cause headaches for some people is an ear infection. If your headaches are accompanied by common symptoms of an ear infection, this might be the cause of your problems. An ENT doctor can certainly help you with this.

The ENT might order a CT scan

If you head to your ENT doctor with headache complaints, they might first want to carry out a CT scan. This simply gives them a better idea of where the problems lie and what’s happening beneath the surface.

It will also allow them to see any inflammation that may be present. Once the results of the CT scan are returned, they’ll be able to decide what should happen next. The scan itself can seem daunting but it doesn’t take long to complete and there aren’t any risks involved.

They’ll then be able to offer a diagnosis and treatment

When armed with all the information regarding your situation, the ENT specialist will set about providing you with a diagnosis. At this point, you will at least know what’s going on and where your problems most likely lie.

After your diagnosis, your ENT professional will inform you of the treatment options and what they believe should happen next. In most cases, treatment will be swift and easy. If the ENT  professional believes they can help with your headaches, it shouldn’t be long before the treatment they offer starts to take effect.

Speak to your ENT doctor about the problems you’re having because they’ll need to understand the details of your specific situation before they can do anything to help you. From there, they’ll get to know whether or not they’re able to do treat your headaches.