A Guide to Balloon Sinus Surgery

ENT Doctor with Patient

Many people struggle with long-term sinus problems that impact their way of life and their general day to day wellbeing. One of the most recent procedures that’s gained prominence is balloon sinus surgery. The surgery is pretty minimal and not very invasive at all. If you’re suffering from sinus problems and you want to know whether this procedure has the potential to help you, you’ve come to the right place. Find out more about it below.

What is balloon sinus surgery?

Balloon sinus surgery is one of the latest ways of opening up sinuses and dealing with problems such as sinusitis. It’s not a very invasive kind of surgery but it has helped many patients with the problems they’ve been experiencing. It’s usually only people experiencing chronic sinusitis that are given this type of surgery because they’re the people it can help most.

It can remove blockages, improving things like sinus drainage in the process. The main aim of the procedure is to restore normal drainage without doing any damage to the sinus lining. There is not usually any tissue removed in this process but sometimes tissue that is infected can be removed at the same time if that’s considered necessary.

About the procedure

This procedure can be performed in a number of ways. Sometimes, it’s done in a hospital but it can also be completed in a doctor’s surgery. It’s also the case that some people have a general anesthetic for the procedure while others opt for a local one. A guide wire is inserted into the nostril through the sinus with a lighter fiber-optic instrument.

A balloon is then threaded through the wire, which is then slowly inflated to open up the sinus and ease any blocking that might be occurring. This opens the sinus before the balloon is deflated and it, along with the guide wire, is removed from the sinus. It doesn’t take very long and when it’s done, the patient is usually free to go home right away before returning to work and normal routines within two days.

Is it right for you?

So, is balloon sinus surgery something that’s right for you. First and foremost, that’s something that has to be decided by your doctor because they know your health situation better than anyone else. If they feel your sinus blockage problems can be solved with this procedure, it will certainly be considered.

They will talk you through the whole process and what your options are so that you have a full understanding of the procedure. You’ll also have the chance to ask any questions that you might still want answers to. Make the most of this opportunity so that everything is clear in your mind.

Whether this surgery is right or wrong for you should be decided by your ear, nose and throat doctor. Talk to them about the problems you’ve been experiencing and see if they feel balloon sinus surgery will help you.