Every year, half a million who are interested in improving the appearance of their noses seek consultation with facial plastic surgeons.

Some are unhappy with the nose they were born with, some with how the nose has changed with age, and others with how an injury has distorted the nose. One thing is clear however, nothing may have as great an impact on how a person looks as the size and shape of the nose.

Rhinoplasty, or surgery to reshape the nose, is one the most common plastic surgical procedures performed at Grand Rapids Ear, Nose, and Throat. Most rhinoplasties are performed because the patient desires improved appearance and/or function. Some patients have deformities on the inside of the nose that impair breathing and can cause headaches or sinus trouble which cannot be satisfactory corrected without also straightening the external nose.

Typically, rhinoplasty renders excellent results with no external scarring. The focus in our hands with be on function as well as appearance.

Insurance does not generally cover surgery that is purely for cosmetic reasons. Surgery to correct or improve genetic deformity or traumatic injury may, however, be reimbursable in whole or in part.  We will assist you in determining the degree of coverage that may be expected by your insurance carrier at the time of your visit.

If you have wondered how nasal surgery could improve your looks, self-confidence,  or health, you need to know how rhinoplasty is performed and what you can expect.  Speak to our doctors regarding their experience and results. Successful facial plastic surgery is a result of good rapport between patient and surgeon. Trust, based on realistic expectations and exacting medical expertise, develops in the consulting stages before surgery. Your ear, nose and throat-facial plastic surgeon can answer specific questions about your particular specific needs.