Protruding or drooping ears can be surgically corrected. These procedures do not alter hearing, but they may improve appearance and self-confidence.

Few surgical procedures are as gratifying as otoplasty, or ear reshaping. The effects of otoplasty surgery on a child’s self-image are generally immediate. For this reason, it is generally best to perform the surgery around age five or six, but adults seeking this help are not uncommon.

The surgical procedure involves making an incision behind the ear where a variable amount of skin is removed, the cartilage worked upon to help it fold back, and the skin resutured. A soft dressing is used continually for a week and then a headband nightly for two more weeks to help complete the process.

This surgical procedure is often covered by insurance when done at an early age. Our Facial Plastic surgeons will evaluate the needs of you or your child. Our office staff will then help determine the degree of coverage that may be expected by your insurance carrier.

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Does insurance pay for cosmetic ear surgery?

Insurance usually does not cover surgery solely for cosmetic reasons. However, insurance may cover, in whole or in part, surgery to correct a congenital or traumatic defect. Before cosmetic ear surgery, discuss the procedure with your insurance carrier to determine what coverage, if any, you can expect.