Allergy immunotherapy has proven to be an effective way of treating patients with minor to chronic allergy symptoms.

Grand Rapids ENT offers a supportive team of friendly, experienced, knowledgeable professionals. All of our allergy team are members of The American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy. Most importantly, our friendly staff will welcome you, your family, and friends and have worked to create a comfortable atmosphere to make your visit with us pleasant. Patients are our priority, treatment and comfort level is our concern.

Our allergy team will guide you through the allergy testing process by:

  • personally scheduling your testing date and preparing you for skin testing.
  • reviewing your current medications (including supplements or herbal products)
  • reviewing the general “do and don’t” of allergy skin testing with you and your family
  • answering any questions you may have prior to allergy testing.
  • giving you instructions on what medications need to be discontinued for a short time prior to allergy testing.
  • ordering, if needed, a radioallergosorbent (RAST) test, a blood test used to identify positive allergies. We normally order this for a patient who is unable to discontinue medications prior to allergy testing.

At Grand Rapids ENT, our allergy team offers support, education, and seamless transition through out the allergy treatment process.  Flexible hours for injections, multiple location sites, and coordination with your primary care physician for off-site injections are services skillfully handled by our professional staff.

If there are other articles or information that you would like to see posted in this area of our website, please call our office at 616.249.8000 and speak with the Allergy Department.

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